Sealed With A Kiss Lipstick Fixative by CSI

$ 7.50

Sealed With A Kiss Lipstick Fixative by CSI

Lipstick Fading, Smearing, or Rubbing Off? 

Don't Let Your Lipstick Be a Turnoff!

Sealed With A Kiss™ Lipstick Fixative Helps Make Lipstick Smear-Proof and  Smudge-Proof, and Keeps Your Lipstick Looking Fresh and Last for Hours

Convenient, Effective, Affordable

Easy Roll-On Application

Makes Lipstick Last and Last!


Sealed with Kiss™ Directions:

Sealed with a Kiss Lipstick Fixative Applied as a Base Under Lipstick Helps Prevent Lipstick from “Bleeding” or “Feathering” Into Fine Lines and Wrinkles Around Your Lips.

Sealed with a Kiss Fixative Applied Over Your Lipstick Helps Prevent Smearing and Smudging of Your Lipstick.

Keep One On-Hand at All Times!

Easily Fits in Your Purse, Pocket, or Travel Bag

Proudly Manufactured in the USA by Regency Cosmetics 
Never Tested On Animals

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