My Secret Hair Enhancer - Thickens Hair, Great for Root Touch-Up!

$ 12.99 $ 35.97

Thinning hair?

My Secret Hair Enhancer spray adds temporary color, volume, and thickness to fine or thinning hair.  Covers roots

  • Easy-to-use aerosol spray for both men and women
  • Adds volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair
  • Great coverage for ROOTS and gray hair
  • Full-size 5 oz can provides best value compared to others at 1-2 oz
  • Use a lighter shade to create instant highlights!
  • Resists flaking and rub-off
  • Easily shampoos out
  • Provides a bond when used with My Secret Correctives Fibers
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Allows you to control the level of coverage where you need it
  • Available in 8 natural shades 

My Secret Hair Enhancer is an effective hair-thickening spray that adds color, volume and texture to thinning hair.  Enjoyed by men and women of all ages.  Affordable, easy-to-use.   Simply spray My Secret Hair Enhancer on dry hair and then style.  Combine 2 colors to create your perfect shade! This 5-ounce product is made in the USA with no animal testing.

For additional coverage and volume use with My Secret Correctives™ Hair Enhancing Fibers.

Set your style with My Secret Hair Finishing Touch for hair that looks great all day! 

Shade samples with color levels:










 Black  Black - 2 Dark Brown  Dark Brown - 3
Auburn  Auburn - 4.4 Medium Brown  Medium Brown - 4
Light Brown  Light Brown - 5 Blond  Blond - 8
Silver/Gray  Silver/Gray - 11 UltraSilver/White  UltraSilver/White - 12