Hair Styling Waxes & Sprays by Morfose & Ossion - Hold that Look!

$ 14.50
  • Pro Hair Wax X5 by Morfose for professional styling - 3 formulas:  Strong Hold Hair Shining for flexible hold and shine, Maximum Control Hair Shining for maximum flexible hold and shine, and Matte Xtreme Style for strong hold with matte finish.  150 ml.

  • Aqua Gel Wax pro-style by Morfose - 3 formulas:  Aqua Shining for flexible hold and natural shine, Extra Control #2 for stronger yet still flexible hold and shine, and Ultra Control #3 for the ultimate in control and shine. 175 ml.

  • Ossion Matte Styling Wax - Strong holding, no-shine matte wax.  For a messy, bed-head look.  100 ml.

  • Morfose Ultra-Strong Hair Spray - Enhanced formula provides shine and strong hold. 400 ml.

  • Morfose Mega-Strong Hair Spray - Professional hair spray protects your hair style while adding shine.  400 ml.

  • Ossion Extreme Firm Hold Amino Keratin Professional Hair Spray - Get long-lasting hold all day with this unique spray that is enriched with keratin amino acids and recommended for all hair types.  350 ml.