BurnFree Burn Care for Sunburns

$ 6.00
BurnFree Burn Care for Sunburns

BurnFree Burn Care  Sunburns

For Nearly 20 Years, the Military, EMTs and Medical Professionals Across the Globe Have Used BurnFree to Cool and Soothe Burns, Making BurnFree a Leading Brand in First Aid Burn Care Products. BurnFree Provides Immediate Relief From the Pain of Burns, and Minimizes the Depth of Burn Injuries Through its Cooling Action

BurnFree Burn Gel is a Viscous Gel That Remains on the Burn Wound and Will Not Run Off, While Simultaneously Drawing the Heat Out of the Burn and Into the Gel. This Gel is Ideal for All Minor Burns.

BurnFree SunBurn Rescue Gel

BurnFree SunBurn Rescue Gel in 4oz Bottle is Designed for Inclusion in First Aid Kits, at Home, Your Bag at the Swimming Pool, Beach and More.


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