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La Societe Parisienne de Savons Scented Candles (Small)- 65gr / 2.3oz each

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La Societe Parisienne de Savons Scented Candles (Small)- 65gr / 2.3oz each
La Societe Parisienne de Savons’ history consists of a shared passion for luxury cosmetics and the fascination of the art-deco period. The brand is the creation of the association of three pharmacists with different and complementary talents. Their products are constructed under these founding pharmacists, thus ensuring the high quality La Societe Parisienne de Savons is known for.

These exquisitely scented candles allow you to discover and enjoy the enchanting fragrances carefully crafted by the Société Parisienne de Savons.   

Each beautifully packaged candle is contained in a glass cylinder to provide elegance and optimal freshness and fragrance. 

Each candle is made using the bain-marie technique, and
double manual casting which is considered the “traditional” method.
Made with exquisite blends of quality waxes, as well as carefully balanced scents,  giving these candles their fragrant characteristics.

The Maîtres-Savonniers of the Société Parisienne de Savons take care to supply and select ingredients of superior quality.

La Societe Parisienne de Savons Scented Candles - 65gr / 2.3oz each

Your Choice of:
Maya - petit grain, lavandin grosso, clove leaves, litsea cubeba, patchouli
Carmin - ginger, tangerine zest, pepper, jasmine, cardamom, candied ginger, cedar, sandalwood, musk
Cold Cream - rosemary, lavender, olive, patchouli, musk
Greco Deco - lavandin, mugwort, mint, pine, patchouli, iris, white musk, styrax 
Thridace - honey, rose, coumarin, white honey, vanilla
Marjolis - bergamot, ylang-ylang, aldehyde, gardenia, tuberose, tonka bean, peach, lily, frangipani blossom, sandalwood, night beauty, jasmine, musk
La Violette - violet leaves, violet, rose, jasmine, carnation of the poets, coumarin, iris
La Reine - bergamot, rosewood, carnation, rose, jasmine, violet, iris, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk, amber
Glyceril - orange, coconut, almond, mint, violet, vanilla, musk, milk
L'Origan - rosemary, mint, eucalyptis, rosemary flower, lavender, cypress, pine
L'Eau de Cologne - orange, verbena, petit grain, geranium, rosemary, clove, orange blossom, patchouli
Savonia - honeysuckle, plant accord, hyacinth, sweet peas, gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley, white cedar, tuberose, musk

Imported from Paris, France

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